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What we do

At a glance

Since its foundation, our business has developed both horizontally and vertically, covering the whole value chain. Barbad’s business now includes not only sales and marketing of musical instruments through our “Unique Collection”, but also after-sales services under the roof of “Barbad Service Center”. In addition we have organized our own bi-annual Piano awards and established the very first piano assembly line in Iran.

Barbad Unique Collection

With exclusive sales and after-sales services for more than 20 world-renowned brands, Barbad offers a wide variety of musical products which is considered by far one of the largest musical instrument collections in Iran. The selection process for the brands results from years of experience in the Iranian musical instruments market, through which each brand has been studied with great care, passing through many criterias.

It should be mentioned that KHB Music Co. (Kimiaye Honar Badie), with 15 years of brilliant presence in the Iranian’s music market, was acquired by Barbad holding through an M&A deal in 2019 and all their brands were added to the Barbad’s collection.

Barbad Service Center

Our unique collection is accompanied by our unrivaled services. With 11 active branches throughout Iran, Barbad is the only musical instruments chain store in Iran that has the ability to provide after-sales services in all branches in an integrated manner. In other words, customers can buy any product from any branch and receive the purchased goods and related services in another branch. In addition, our online portal – Barbad Service Center (BSC) – allows them to request after-sales services, including warranty, maintenance, repair, and transportation, from any city in the country.

Thanks to the supply of consumable and repair parts for all kinds of musical instruments, the technical department of Barbad provides long-term warranty and unlimited after-sales services to our customers in Iran and the neighboring countries. Our experts and technicians are periodically trained by trainers from the main companies or independent counselors to keep their know-how and expertise up-to-date in order to provide quality services to our clients.

Biannual Barbad Piano Awards

The first Barbad Piano Awards was held in Shiraz in 2016, as Iran’s first international private awards in the field of music, in collaboration with professors from the Paris Conservatory, hosting the prominent French pianist, Christophe Bokodjian, as the judge for the awards, as well as Leila Ramadan, an Iranian pianist living in Switzerland as the art director. The two selected pianists, Ashkan Laegh and Mohammadjavad Bahrami, benefited from a 10-day stay at the Plage Musical Festival in France, studying with the greatest pianists and piano instructors in Europe, in addition to the opportunity to perform on an international stage.

The second biannual Barbad Piano Awards was held with financial support and management of the Shahr-e-Aftab Culture and Art Institute. With the cooperation of prominent Iraninan classical music professors, the second Barbad Piano Awards was mainly focused on empowering musicians to work professionally. Therefore, the awards included a tour of concerts in 6 cities of the country and performing a concerto with an orchestra, along with cash prizes and a certificate of appreciation.

The third Barbad Piano Awards, anticipated to take place in 2020, was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions and is expected to be held in the near future.


Barbad Factory

Being one of the major aspirations of Mr. Mohammad Molazem, founder and CEO of Barbad, manufacturing pianos locally was the next step in completing the value chain in the booming market for the instrument in Iran. This backward integration finally took place in 2013 when a complete assembly line for acoustic upright pianos was set up in the Barbad factory in Shiraz, creating job opportunities for more than 50 people.

Pianos produced under the license of Kingsburg brand were approved with an ultra high score from technical experts of the Kingsburg company as well as the respected French piano technician, Mr. Joël Jobé One of the positive outcomes of this great success was development of unparalleled capacities for after-sales services thanks to the availability of all parts and complete knowledge on the structure of the instrument. This know-how was handed over to the next generation of Barbad piano technicians through the presence of technical experts of the factory in the company.