Barbad Piano



At a glance

Since the very first day we opened our business, continuous support of artists at any level has always been one of our main objectives. This goal has manifested itself through creation of a wide range of programs including piano exhibitions, sponsorships, and video productions. These programs help us to bridge the gap between the music enthusiasts on one hand and the professional musicians on the other hand, providing value to all stakeholders of our business.

Barbad Piano Exhibitions

  • Organized Iran’s first piano exhibition in 2009 at Pars Hotel in Shiraz unveiling 100 pianos.
  • Piano exhibition in the fall of 2015 at the Homa Hotel in Shiraz.
  • Piano exhibition during summer and winter of 2016 at Shiraz Hotel.
  • Piano exhibition in the summer of 2017 at Megamall shopping center unveiling 300 grand and upright pianos from various brands including Blutner, Hessler, Imler, Petrof, Yamaha, Hailun, and Kingsberg.

Barbad Sponsorship

Supporting musicians being one of its main values, Barbad has always had a support structure in place to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by cooperating in artistic programs that have high performance standards and aim to create value in the country’s musical scene. Some of our sponsorship activities include:

  • Supporting Fajr Music Festival
  • Organizing a piano recital tour by master pianist Raphael Minaskanian in the cities of Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, and Esfahan
  • Repair and maintenance of the Vahdat Hall’s Steinway & Sons piano
  • Repair and maintenance of the Tehran University of Arts’ Steinway & Sons piano
  • Organizing a series of master classes by the legendary iranian pianist and composer Anoushirvan Rouhani in the cities of Shiraz, Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan, Tabriz, and Kerman
  • Repair and maintenance of the Armenian Amphitheater, aka Ararat Hall’s piano in 2017
  • Repair and maintenance of Farhangsaray-e-Rudaki’s piano in 2018
  • Recovery of two valuable harps from Lyon & Healy and Salvi belonging to Roudaki Foundation in Tehran in addition to repair and regulation of 15 student harps
  • Providing grand pianos and other instruments for thousands of performances in various venues in Iran.

Barbad Stage

The physical space in the Barbad gallery is used to showcase the skills of talented musicians at different levels in order to not only motivate the musicians, but also the audience who sees their performance.

This program also attempts to challenge the musician by placing him in a stage performance situation and by sharing the professionally recorded videos online through social networks such as YouTube and Instagram, which opens the door to receiving the opinion of the general audience, evaluating the performance.

Barbad Soundboard

Barbad Soundboard is a program for conducting interviews with well-known musicians in different cities of Iran. Hosted and recorded by a specialized content creation team in Barbad, Barbad Soundboard seeks to share the life story and the experiences of these successful musicians along with the challenges they had faced in their music journeys with the aspiring musicians and the general audience.

Barbad Virtuoso

Barbad “Virtuoso” series interviews the legends of Iranian music in a friendly atmosphere with the purpose of showcasing their achievements during their professional life and their valuable contributions to the world of art locally and internationally.

This program is also a means to record and protect a slice of Iranian music history In spite of the fact that the new generation attach less importance to studying music academically and few musicians participate in music festivals locally and internationally. On the other hand, considering the content of these interviews, we aim to not only remind the artists that they are not forgotten but also that the artistic community still values and needs them.